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All The Rolling Stones Song credits
Jagger/Richards unless stated otherwise

UK Release
Come on     First single - C Berry 10/05/63
Stoned     B-side of I Wanna Be Your Man 01/11/63
Not Fade Away     Single (No 1) - B Holly 21/02/64
I Just Want To Make Love To You     LP The Rolling Stones - W Dixon 17/04/64
Route 66     LP The Rolling Stones - B Troup 17/04/64
Carol     LP The Rolling Stones - C Berry 17/04/64
It's All Over Now     Single (No 1) - B Womack 26/06/64
2120 South Michigan Ave     EP Five By Five 14/08/64
Around And Around     EP Five By Five - C Berry 14/08/64
Little Red Rooster     Single (No 1) - W Dixon    13/11/64
Off The Hook     B-side Little Red Rooster 13/11/64
Time Is On My Side     LP The Rolling Stones 2 - Meade/Norman 30/01/65
The Last Time     Single (No 1) 26/02/65
Satisfaction RA 4.3 Single (No 1) 20/08/65
I'm Free     LP Out Of Our Heads 06/09/65
Get Off My Cloud     Single (No 1) 22/10/65
19th Nervous Breakdown     Single (No 1) 04/02/66
Lady Jane   4.0 LP Aftermath 15/04/66
Under My Thumb     LP Aftermath 15/04/66
Mother's Little Helper     LP Afterm ath 15/04/66
Out Of Time     LP Aftermath 15/04/66
Paint It Black RA   Single (No 1) 13/05/66
Let's Spend The Night Together RA 4.3 Single (No 1) 13/01/67
Ruby Tuesday RA   B-side Let's Spend The Night Together 13/01/67
2000 Light Years from Home     LP Their Satanic Majesties Request 08/12/67
She's A Rainbow *     LP Their Satanic Majesties Request 08/12/67
Jumpin' Jack Flash RA   Single (No 1) 24/05/68
Child Of The Moon     B-side Jumpin' Jack Flash 24/05/68
Street Fighting Man     LP Beggars Banquet 05/12/68
Sympathy For The Devil * RA   LP Beggars Banquet 05/12/68
Prodigal Son     LP Beggars Banquet - Rev. R Wilkins 05/12/68
Stray Cat Blues *     LP Beggars Banquet 05/12/68
Honky Tonk Women     Single (No 1) 11/07/69
You Can't Always Get What You Want   7.2 B-side Honky Tonk Women 11/07/69
Midnight Rambler   8.1 LP Let It Bleed 05/12/69
Gimmie Shelter *     LP Let It Bleed 05/12/69
Live With Me *     LP Let It Bleed 05/12/69
Monkey Man *     LP Let It Bleed 05/12/69
Love In Vain *     LP Let It Bleed - R Johnson 05/12/69
Brown Sugar RA   Single (No 2) 16/04/71
Wild Horses     LP Sticky Fingers 23/04/71
Can't You Hear Me Knocking     LP Sticky Fingers 23/04/71
Dead Flowers     LP Sticky Fingers 23/04/71
Sway *      LP Sticky Fingers 23/04/71
Bitch     LP Sticky Fingers 23/04/71
You Gotta Move     LP Sticky Fingers - F McDowell/G Davis 23/04/71

Shine a Light
(Original title- Get a Line on You)

    LP Exile on Main St -
Written supposedly about Brian Jones and recorded in '68 before he died, subsequently re-written and recorded in 1970 after his death - recorded again in '72 and included for inclusion Exile Album


Tumbling Dice *     Single (No 5) 14/04/72
All Down the Line *     LP Exile On Main Street 12/05/72
Sweet Black Angel *     LP Exile On Main Street 12/05/72
Happy * RA   LP Exile On Main Street 12/05/72
Torn and Frayed     LP Exile On Main Street 12/05/72
Rocks Off     LP Exile On Main Street 12/05/72
Angie *     Single (No 5) 20/08/73
Silver Train     B-side of Angie 20/08/73
Star Star RA   LP Goats Head Soup 31/08/73
Heartbreaker     LP Goats Head Soup 31/08/73
It's Only Rock 'N' Roll     Single (No 10) - Jagger/Richards/wood 26/07/74
If You Can't Rock Me     LP It's Only Rock 'N' Roll 18/10/74
Hey Negrita *     LP Black & Blue 20/04/76
Miss You     Single (No 3) 09/05/78
Far Away Eyes     LP Some Girls 19/06/78
Before They Make Me Run     LP Some Girls 09/06/78
Just My Imagination     LP Some Girls - Whitfield/Strong 09/06/78
Beast Of Burden     LP Some Girls 09/06/78
Run Rudolph Run     Keith Richards (solo single) - C Berry 1979
(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star     Bill Wyman (solo hit single) 03/07/81
Start Me Up RA   Single (No 7) 17/08/81
Twenty Flight Rock     LP Still Life - Fairchild/Cochran 01/06/82
Sad Sad Sad     LP Steel Wheels 29/08/89
Like A Rolling Stone     LP Stripped - B Dylan 10/11/95
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MP3 = full length tracks recorded live in 2002 at outdoors German Festival