Band portrait of The Rollin Stoned

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No 25
Posted on: 2005
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Photographer Gered Mankowitz poses with the band in front of one of his iconic images


Proud Gallery, London

The most authentic of reproductions
As good as his originals
was the considered verdict of
celebrated Rock Photographer
Gered Mankowitz when the

Rollin'Stoned performed for
guests at his exclusive
retrospective private view.

   A huge audience of invited guests, including many celebrities and media personalities, got an old fashioned earful whilst attending a private view of celebrated rock photographer Gered Mankowitz's early Rolling Stones work at London's Proud Gallery. Blasting out a stunningly authentic and exciting set were the Rollin'Stoned, to everyone's satisfaction. "Listening to the Rollin'Stoned while looking at my pictures was as good as the real thing, great fun" said an enthusiastic Mankowitz


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No 26
Posted on: 2007
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Byron Jones poses for picture at Cotchford Farm

Helping The Detective

Drowned? or just washed up and left for dead?

TV's Psychic Sleuth enlists Byron's help with the 'Spade' work digging around for new clues into a Stone age old mystery.


Given the
Byron Jones poolside at Cotchford Farm
Reflections on the past
waves he made in his flamboyantly stormy life, it is maybe not surprising that the fateful plunge that curtailed it on July 3rd, 1967, should still be rippling the surface some forty years on. Whatever the reasons for his demise, such was Brian Jones charismatic allure for his fans, they were never likely to settle for a mundanely tragic circumstances of a domestic accident, he was after all 'Swinging England's first celebrity Rock'n'Roll martyr.

Byron Jones with Pat Andrews at Cotchford Farm
Byron and Pat Andrews on a memory trip





An insatiable appetite has since developed for rumours and theories themed around the mystery of "who killed Cock Robin", ensuring that anyone with a new angle or twist has a guaranteed market. So much so, it is fair to say that the financial rewards on offer probably tend to favour the sensational over the historically accurate testimonies of the surviving witnesses and protagonists.

This Summer, a TV production company has set supernatural sleuth Tony Stockwell on the case. They have filmed him as he re-visits the scene of events, staged re-enactment and interviewed people connected to Brian Jones. Stockwell, a sort of Psychic Hercule Poirot, is hoping his "extraordinary paranormal abilities" will enable him to dredge some sensational revelations from the murkey depths of this pool of muddied waters.


Byron Jones with Pat Andrews and the production crew of 'The Psychic Detective' at Cotchford Farm
Byron, Pat and the production crew at Cotchford Farm

The Rollin Stoned's very own Byron Jones was filmed as Brian in various scenes in London and at Cotchford Farm, together with Pat Andrews, Brian's former girlfriend and mother of his son. The programme is scheduled to be screened later in Autumn on the Living TV channel, for those keen to find out whether they came up with more than duck weed.


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No 27
Posted on: 2009
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A tribute to Dennis Weymouth

Rollin Stoned's right hand man Dennis Weymouth Many of our regulars will be as sorry as us to hear that at around 6.00pm on Friday 23rd October 2009, we lost Dennis, a very special and dear member of The Rollin’ Stoned family.

Dennis had been diagnosed with lung cancer some time ago and put up an amazingly long and brave fight against his illness, continuing his work with the band as long as he was physically and safely able to. Throughout the course of his illness, Dennis retained his unique sense of humour and patience with us, never uttering a murmur of self-pity or complaint – a truly admirable performance.

For most of the band’s life, Dennis had driven The Rollin’ Stoned safely across many parts of Europe, including Norway, Belgium, France and Germany as well as endless trips up and down the all too familiar motorways of Great Britain!

The Rollin’ Stoned first met Dennis in the early days of the band’s life, when he and his close friend Terry, lovingly promoted a special event in their home area of North London. They treated the band to special food packages and lovingly decorated the hall and the drive leading to it, with as much Rolling Stones memorabilia as they could gather. It was an impressive welcome for us, and guests alike and successful night was had by all. While Terry's other commitments meant her involvement with the band was brief, Dennis has stayed with us ever since.

Our warmest wishes go out to Dennis’ family, friends and his precious cats who, thankfully, have all now found loving homes.

We will all miss Dennis, with his unfailing loyalty and unique sense of humour greatly.

~ Charlie ~

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No 28
Posted on: October 10th, 2015 (Courtesy Memory Lane)

Tony Mastin

Picture taken at promoter Tony Mastin's funeral It is with great sadness that Memory Lane, learned of the passing of our good friend Ex Paratrooper Tony Mastin.

Tony was a true gentleman with many accolades for his contribution to music and other activities. Known as Mr rock and coal by his friends due to him running the family Coal business, and running his own concerts under that name.

Tony also worked as an extra on the Hollywood blockbuster movie the Memphis Belle. In 1995 he helped set up The Warlocks, the North Lincolnshire chapter of the Florida based motor -bike Organisation. Tony and his fellow bikers bought the Stop Press pub In Grimsby and following a conversion it was re-opened as the Yard birds rock club a premier Lincolnshire venue. Memory Lane arerea lly fortunate and honored to have known him and to have been given the oportunity to be the support band for the Rolling Stoned at Yard birds for the last three years. Rl P Tony.

~ ~