Review by
Stephanie Thorburn
Freelance music journalist/ biographer
 Voodoo Music Magazine


Rollin' Stoned- Rocks Off at the Torrington 11th April 2004.

The Rollin' Stoned could be the real thing indeed.  They possess the indefinable authenticity of carbon copy originals, striking an uncanny resemblance to miniature models hand picked from the cr?me of the cake depicted on the cover of the classic '69 'Let It Bleed' album.  This isn't the full story however, because from the band who invite you to get 'stoned on nostalgia', they not on ly fit their respective roles, but have a stage presence and force of personality all of their own. 

Blighted by a few technical hitches, Lord Byron Jones's birthday gig at the Torrington this Easter proved to be a fond homecoming, akin to the Rolling Stones gracing a sports stadium at Twickenham.  The home grown local community attending always provide a warm hearth rug for high- energy sets at the venue come Xmas, Easter or the Solstice; each performance is entirely consistent and well received.  The stage is decorated with the ambience of a hippy style Keef and Anita guest room, welcoming the Stones family attending with a cutting edge rhythm section and repertoire.  There are no wasted numbers with this band, just hand selected songs and musicians ensuring a solid coverage of two or more hours fresh from the Rollin' Stoned juke box.  Brown Sugar, Bitch, Angie; time has waited for no one, and as the Stones are getting a little weather wor n, the R. Stoned machine is just reaching its prime!  ?Charlie, Charlie? otherwise known as Charlie Waits ensures a touch of solid class with the jazzy sophistication of Charlie Parker, whilst Mick Jaguar and Byron Jones deliver human and humorous quips.  All the young pretenders are contained on stage within accurate and well fitting costumes, delivering a twenty-first century rock and roll circus to the masses. 

"Let's Spend The Night Together", demanded an unsuspecting father of a teenage enthusiast towards the end of the evening.  "No thanks" was the verdict voiced to the mystery man, "On a scale of one to ten you wouldn't be my first choice!"..  But for those watching, the Stoned certainly are.  As the last encore dispersed, I left the hall feeling that I had spent the night with some very special new age Rolling Stones.

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