Whose been getting 'Stoned in 2005

At London’s legendary 100 Club and Putney’s Half Moon, which have echoed to sound of the originals, the Rollin’Stoned are a now the current regular, sell out attraction. This has seem them much in demand at private parties and functions. Recent does have included The Lords Taverners and parties for media celebrities. Ferrari maestro, Ross Brawn was obliged to overlook his company loyalties for the night to allow Jaguar and the boys to drive the celebrations marking a recent significant pit stop in his life .

A day at the races in Leicester during the summer, Frankie Detorri was fortunately on hand in the event of Keith Retched’s appearance frightening the horses, A big Stones fan himself, Frankie stuck to keeping the crowd happy riding the favourites and left it to Mick to sing them.

An appearance at this year’s Middlesbrough Music Live Festival, saw a performance from the band that literally brought the clouds down, yet despite the worst downpour in years with flash floods drowning half a county and being in the company of only mainline and “Indie” original bands on the bill, 5000 enthusiastic and happy fans braved a thorough drenching to see their set. “It was a wet T-shirt contest that should have made the Guinness book of records” quipped Mick.

August saw the band as the closing attraction for this years Camra Festival at Olympia. Thousands of fans intoxicated, not only by festering concoctions of hops, yeast and the odd drowned rat, but also by musical memories of a fine vintage.

The fruits of a few months filming with the "Phsycic Detective" saw the band’s Byron Jones appearing as Stones icon Brian Jones in a recently screened intriguing investigation into the last days and mysteriously tragic death of the original Rolling Stone.

The 'Stoned' look set to end the year with an even "Bigger Bang". In November they are down to appear in front of A-list musical celebrities at an exclusive UK premier launch party for the much heralded and suitably eponymous film about Brian Jones "Stoned"
In a busy December, the boys can be found at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the 15th, appearing with Chas' N' Dave as special guest support at the Rockney Legends Christmas Beano .

Then, with barely a pause for breath straight to their own 2 night Christmas shindig from the 16th-17th at what seems now to have become the band’s official london residence, Putney's famous Half Moon – Available tickets for these nights are already on the endangered species list.

But still no time for hangovers and a Sunday lie as they have to be up marking the return of the original 'Ginger Nut' to our screens by performing for Chris Evans in his new series on ITV.

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