A "60th" PARTY

  London Scala Theatre 28th February 2002

The Rollin'Stoned show how to
throw a party in the true Spirit

"Carlo's good tonight"
Carlo Little sits in on drums

They've got the Stones off Pat says Jonesey's girl

They really do know how to party, these deceased Rock'n'Roll legends and while the ghost may have been absent from the feast, The Rollin'Stoned ensured the Spirit of Brian Jones was clearly present at this unique spectacular 60th birthday tribute to his memory.

Some 500 paying and VIP guests who came to celebrate "The Life of Brian" were greeted by his former partner, Pat Andrews who made a moving tribute before welcoming the band on stage. From that point on the past was well and truly blasting as this fantastic band stormed their way through all "Forty Licks" - and then some - of the "Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band in the World".

Of the many highlights, fact met fantasy when characters from the cast of the real Stones story joined the band on stage including Art Wood , brother of the lesser known Ron, and Carlo Little , who was the original Stones drummer before some other Charlie.
A great craic Brian, thanks for having us.

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