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"I really can't see anyone doing the Stones better"
Bigmouth –
Uk's No 1 on line Live Music Mag

Pull out all the stops to get to a gig the experience is well worth a cross country trip
Brian Jones Fan Club

" Looking at my photographs and listening to The Rollin Stoned was as good as the real thing....great fun!"
Gered Mankowitz - official Rolling Stones photographer at the recent Private Veiw Party of his Stones retrospective at London's Proud Gallery.

"You are outstanding and I can't wait to tell Keith and Mick that you could easily stand in for them"
Dorris Richards -
Keith' mother, at Dartford's Acacia Hall. Dartford is the home town of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger

"They are amazing, I thought it was my dad on stage"
Angela Richards
- Keith Richards' daughter, at Dartford

"And the sound - obviously not as loud in such an intimate venue as it had been 40 years ago in the hanger-like California - was about as true to the original as you can get".
Andrew Wallis
- Times reveiwer at the Stables, Milton Keynes

"Ace band - would give The Stones a run for their money"
Art Wood
- Ronnie Wood's brother, at The 100 Club, London

A chance to re-live The Rolling Stones while they were peaking, no row ZZ, no restricted views, no ‘no beer in the auditorium’, no tickets for £500 on Ebay, just the looks, the sounds, the attitude and the atmosphere of the Rolling Stones at their very best.
Mr Kyps Magazine

" Sent shivers down my back - it was just like seeing Brian again"
Pat Andrews
- Mother of Brian Jones' son Mark, at Worcester Park

"Play much tighter than The Stones ever did"
Don Craine
- Downliners Sect, at The 100 Club, London The Downliners were contemporaries and friends of the early Stones.

"Just as happy, if not happier to see The Rollin Stoned than The Stones - they sound so brilliant"
Mel and Sue
– on their BBC London Live Saturday show

"If the Stones are the Best Rock 'n' Roll band in the World, the Stoned are the Best Rock 'n' Roll Tribute Band in the World!"
Eric Tingley
- Sutton Herald

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