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The Rollin'Stoned
throw a party at London's Scala celebrating
the 60th anniversary of the original Rolling Stone

Photgraphy copyright Paul Cox -
reproduced by kind courtesy
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Recalling her lover, Pat Andrews welcomes everyone to the party
"Awoken from the dream of life..",
..hardly surprising, nobody could get
any sleep through this
"The joint was rocking.."
'Carlo's good tonight'
Early Stones drummer, Carlo Little joins the boys on stage.

"Ok lets have a look at yer.."
British blues star Errol Linton
adding 'Roots to the stew'
'look it's absolutely innoculous'
Mick kindly points out the exit sign
to Byron
Somebody isn't using Amplex
..Sorry, thought I detected a slight musical difference
"Uh oh! is that a Jagger I see before me...." "Et tu... you brute"
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