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Newsletters Autumn 2006

Newlsetter No 18
Posted on: October 18th, 2006


I know, I know! there you all are staring at the screen, eagerly anticipating the arrival of another 'HOT STOCK TRADE ALERT ---- South Sea Bubble ready to burst' ----, or one of those unsolicited bulk buy offers of enough Viagra to raise the Titanic and straighten the Tower of Pisa.... and ding...... hurrah, ‘you got mail’....... so what’s it turn out be, oh! S!!*t, just another of these annoying Rollin Stoned Spam offers selling you a time share in your musical memories.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t get the point of all the Spamming business and whoever the bright spark is that does the market research, they must have left a village short of an idiot. Do they really think the lead singer of the Rolin Stoned with a track record of impregnating half a continent, needs any further assistance? our solicitors’ offices are known in the business as Saville Rowe, thanks to the number of paternity suits they’ve had to handle on Mick's behalf, in fact, quite honestly it’s about time his erectile function was dissed in my view..... and then there’s Bill, I mean let's face it, clinically speaking, his whole body is virtually in rigor already, one of those tablets could tip him over the edge.

But if you want a really useful ‘hot’ tip, have this one on me, forward all the Viagra SPAM mail you next receive on to the people who send you Wall Street 'hot tips', then sit back and watch the Dow Jones shoot up to dizzying new heights.

While on the subject of paternity matters, you may have noticed we’re back in the Club again (100 that is) on November the 10th. This date is a late change from The Talk of The Town, Milton Keynes which, we regret had to be cancelled due to un-resolvable contractual reasons. Last time at the 100 Club was a sell out, so if you want to observe A Rollin Stoned at play in it's authentic habitat, nows your chance.

On November 1st, we shall be appearing with a few of the top acts from this year's First Rhythm Festival at Dingwalls, Camden Lock. Confirmed on the bill so far are, among others, Chas & Dave, John Cooper Clarke etc. This is part misty eyed reunion, part press launch for the Second Rhythm Festival scheduled for August 2007. Information and tickets for the night can be found at the following link. http://www.rhythmfestival.net/reunion.html

Back to more immediate concerns, this week will see us at the Academy in Basingstoke. The following week of course, you won’t need Mars to be in conjunction with Uranus on the 14th for it to be a Half Moon in Putney. We then set our compass north nor east – don’t mock, the compass was the state of the art ‘Sat Nav’ of our day, just as Star Nav was in Bill’s day - anyway, assuming they’ve rebuilt the road to Middlesbrough - it was swept away by floods of biblical proportions last time we were up - we shall be singing our Tunes to the Toonies on the 20th at the Empire. Finally, on the 27th it will be curtain up at the Plowright Theatre..... We’ve got the Ghost, Mick’s got the tights and I’m sure Keith's got some spots that need an outing, so Lady Olivier, if you wouldn’t mind kindly lending us your stage......

Best wishes
The Rollin'Stoned