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Newsletters Autumn 2006

Newlsetter No 19
Posted on: October 20th, 2006


We’re taking a quick breather after a fairly frantic month of day trips to the North East, not to mention a fleeting visit to Clydeside and a chance to sample their deep fried delights - mind you I think Mick could show them a thing or two about innovative recipes with Mars Bars. We’d like to thank both the familiar and the new faces who turned out to greet us - and of course not to mention the heads and bodies that bought them to the venues.

Come December, all Band leave will be cancelled as we go to Code white status - maximum Christmas party threat - and this year will see a first for the band - Forget Casino Royale, this New Years Eve why not join us at The Amersham Arms in New Cross for your rendezvous with a new 007. The Rollin Stoned come with their own licence to thrill and after a year that yet again showed ‘Old Man Jagger and Co, they Just keep rolling along’, what more appropriate way could there be to see out the old than with ‘A Bigger Bang’.

Tickets for the night are limited and sure to be in demand, but don’t worry, you won’t have to hock your last last bottle of Dom Perignon 59 for the price of entry Mr Bond... now pay attention... it's called a 'Bigger bangs for your bucks' offer and it's something we've been working on for just such a situation, it operates like this, just go to the website www.rollinstoned.com and look for the web-link on the front page under the New Years Eve stop press statement, then click on it, it will activate a VIP personal identity allowing you to purchase advance tickets at £5 off the normal advance price, it's really very simple... but whatever you do, don't press the red button next to it marked DESTRUCTION OF ALL THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.

We'll be expecting you
The Rollin'Stoned