The following review of our gig on
 20 September 2002
 appeared on their website


What a hoot! They started with Satisfaction followed by Get Off My Cloud and at that point it was clear that everyone was in on the joke. Essentially the Rollin Stoned is a complete review of the Stones laced with irony and some first class mimicking.

They have all the costumes, Byron looks the part and Keith Wretched certainly looks the part and has all the mannerisms of the main man off to a T. T
he first half has 12 numbers and ends on You Can't Always Get What You Want and time for Byron to move on to a higher plane.

After the interval it's back with a hip-thrusting Brown Sugar and a very quiet Mick Waylor joining the band. Keith does his best to get Bill Wymandy into the swing of things, but he prefers to be the moody one at the back.

A few more numbers and Byron is brought back complete with angels wings and on it goes with loads of fun.
There are 31 numbers in the show including those songs that are not usually covered such as Carol, I'm Free and Time Is On My Side. It's also important to stress that in among the humour, the music form of the band is of a very high standard.

The audience were very much up to it and we all ended the night bopping in the aisles. They will be back!

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