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Photo: Paul Cox

The Rollin'Stoned at Mr Kyps in Poole, March 18th, 2005

It was all there bar the Mars according to Andy Fountain.....
     The joint was rockin from start to late finish as the Rollin'Stoned made a very welcome return to Poole. The band came on stage shortly after 9pm, firstly Bill, Charlie and Mick Waylor, followed by the incredibly life-like Keith Wretched complete with bottle of JD. The main man, Mick Jaguar, made an equally impressive entrance onto stage with puckered lips and swaggering hips. No time to waste here with niceties "Ello Poole how you doin tonight" "Start me up" was the opening number and the full capacity crowd went wild as the band launched into what now must be the stones signature tune.
     A brief on stage lighting hiccup couldn't stop these guys either as they played in virtual darkness fot the first 5 minutes until Kyp found a coin for the meter. True professionals! From here on the audience was transported back to the heady nostalgic days of the sixties and seventies."Oh dear I think ive busted a button on my trousers, you dont want my trousers to fall down now do you." Grown men in their fifties were visibly moved by the accuracy displayed by these over talented musicians. All that was missing was a Mars Bar and a fur coat. Whilst everyone was getting acquainted with the band and its unique style of portraying the greatest Rock & Roll band in the world, they pulled off a blinder by introducing from the back of a smoke filled stage the original founder member of the Stones, Byron Jones, who appears on stage complete with a bottle of champagne, dark wrap round shades, perfect blonde hairdo and deckchair striped sixties style loons.
     All of your favourite RS tunes from this bygone age could be heard during the next two and a half hour non stop mind blowing concert with costume changes and much audience participation including the regular inclusion of getting the best looking ladies on stage for "Honky Tonk Women". If you have sadly never seen the Stones live during the past 40 years check out these guys You will not be dissappointed.
Published courtesy of Andy Fountain

.....And even missing the Red Rooster, Steve Finn still manages to crow....
     'D odgy' outfits. 'Dodgy' wigs. 'Dodgy' solos. Bloody Brilliant. That's how I would describe The Rollin' Stoned - the UK's number one Stones tribute band. After becoming disillusioned with his previous band - The Counterfeit Stones - Byron Jones(!) left to create another Stones tribute band, and after extensive auditioning and rehearsals, the new band hit the road in 1998. And it was worth all the trouble, with each band member taking on not just the persona and stage nuances of the originals but also a hilarious stage name - Mick Jaguar, Bill Wymandy, Kieth Retched et al. Start Me Up, was the opening number, with Keef's classic jangling Telecaster tones perfectly replicated, and played with a startling accuracy. The set that followed included all the Stones classics from the golden era of '64 to '74, when the band were at their creative best. "Route 66", "It's All Over" Now", "Satisfaction", "Get Off My Cloud", "Paint It Black" - the list goes on. It was great fun to see the interplay between Mick and Kieth, with Kieth spot on as he jerked and staggered around the stage, with a permanent fag on. Byron Jones' arrival - with a set of angel wings - caused much amusement, and he played a blinder with a permanent grin on his face. Lead duties were taken care of by the great Mick Waylor, but this reviewer would loved to have seen the inclusion of "Little Red Rooster". As a stand alone band, these guys could certainly cut it, but as a tribute, they grow in stature and fully encapsulate the raw energy, musicianship, and presence of The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in The World. Venue wise, Mr Kyps always impresses, with a great sound, and an atmosphere that breeds conviviality. Huge thanks to all those concerned, keep it up!!
Published courtesy of Steve Finn

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