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Newsletter No3
March 2005
Showing a bit of the old 'Calais' spirit

    Hi and first off, Rollin'Stoned would like to send a really big thank you to all who have braved arctic wastes, dug yourselves out of the perma-frost and unsurpassable drifts over the past month to come and support us.
    We've been pretty intrepid ourselves, a brief sortie to France that had been scheduled for Les Stoned turned in to something of a marathon. With the port of Calais apparently down to its last serviceable gang plank, an armada of ferries had been backing up in the channel all week causing huge delays - of course Bill reckoned this was nothing and that in his day disembarkation meant putting your instruments above your head, jumping unquestioningly into the briny and, up to your neck in it, wading ashore under enemy fire, but then Bill's day was pre-living memory, let's face it he'd run the risk of failing an audition for the part of "The 2000 year old man" on the grounds of over qualification.
    Anyway not wishing to disappoint our French fans and have another student street riot on our hands, we set forth a day early. In the event, Ellen McArthur could have given us a head start and still nipped around the globe in the time it took. But make it we did and the wildly enthusiastic audience of 500 plus who attended our gig in Lievin made it more than worth the trouble. Arc en Ciel is a really nice venue and the staff, organisers and sound crews all did a fantastic job and looked after us all extremely well.
    Back on the home front, a TV crew have been filming Byron for yet another documentary on the mystery surrounding the death of Brian Jones. Apparently the case is being re-opened - well that should help the clear up rates for the East Sussex Constabulary. Of course while Byron is loving all this attention, nobody, gets a look in the bathroom because he's constantly in residence washing his hair, Keith has christened him "Timoptea Tim". There is more shooting scheduled for next week at some of the real locations, so if you live in the Cheltenham or Cotchford Farm area you may get lucky and catch "Brian Jones" on walk about.
    News for those of you who have e-mailed asking when we're playing in Essex next, we have an upcoming gig on April 23rd that has been listed as a private function on the website. The venue is the Great Hall at Bancrofts College, and we have been told there will be tickets for sale to the public. Check our website www.rollinstoned.com for details.
    Looking ahead, the year is beginning to shape up with some interesting events on the horizon, we're back at the 100 Club on June 30th with a special to mark another Brian Jones anniversary (sadly, the way the dates fell, we were unable to arrange a gig on July 3rd this time but we still wanted to make an effort to acknowledge this event, rock history would have been very different without his contribution). Further ahead in August the beer connoisseurs amongst you can have a ball at Olympia where we are appearing for Camra's August Beer Fest, make a date in your diaries for August 5th
        Well that's all for now folks, got to allez before Mick signs us up for another dodgy time share deal on a Chateau.

Everybody chantez avec nous... We love you
The Rollin'Stoned
Passez le bag pour le sick. le Ed