"Rolling Stones at their very best."
...The Rollin'Stoned
at Mr Kyps

Friday 1st July 2005

From an article that first
appeared in 'Mr Kyps Magazine'
reproduced here by kind courtesy

Photo courtesy of Paul Cox
Memory Lane Photos



Since they are still alive, well and gigging, The Rolling Stones have not yet passed into legend, but their popularity – and sheer dogged persistence – will surely afford them that accolade when Jagger and the boys do decide to finally call it a day. The Rolling Stones concerts are now not only amongst the most notoriously difficult to get tickets to, but they are also famous for their focus on extravagant, meticulously choreographed stage shows and over-the-top sets and props all carefully designed to distract the listeners attention from the fact that – and whisper this – the Rolling Stones are not as good as they used to be. Jagger’s pout and swagger, Keith's wrung-out, drugged-up glaze and lazy playing just aren’t as convincing in 2005 as they were in 1965, their tepid performances smack of “being on autopilot, as they meandered through 90 minutes of Ho-Hum” (Chicago Sun concert review, 2003).


But what makes the Rolling Stones so cherished a musical institution is their material, comprising of some of the best R’n’B blues and rock’n’roll songs ever written.
This tribute (The Rollin’Stoned) offer you a chance to re-live The Rolling Stones – who are, when it comes down to it, essentially the best bar/club band the world has seen – while they were peaking – playing hot sweaty gigs to a few hundred people in intimate and intense surroundings, No numbered seats, no ‘Non-smoking’, no row ZZ, no restricted views, no ‘no beer in the auditorium’, no tickets for £500 on Ebay, just the looks, the sounds, the attitude and the atmosphere of the Rolling Stones at their very best.

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