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Newsletters Summer 2006

Newlsetter No 15
Posted on: July 27th, 2006


Well the festival season is almost upon us and we're kicking off with a couple.... so that should put paid to the hot weather. This Saturday 29th we're entertaining the troops in the Scunthorpe area at the Gunness Festival of Music, last time we did a festival up that way, half of Lincolnshire got washed away, so we advise you bring a precautionary Ark with you.

The following Friday, August 4th, will be The Rhythm Festival in Bedford. I'm sure you must have seen the ads, this promises to be The Event to have been at in 2006 if R'n'B is what rows your boat. Featured artists include Jerry Lee Lewis, Ike Turner, Jimmy Page, Roy Harper, Donovan... etc. The tragic loss of Desmond Decker, billed to appear on the Saturday, only goes to show that these guys won't be around for ever. We believe there are still a few tickets available, but don't leave it too late, I doubt they will be for long. Go to this link for The Rhythm Festival site

Saturday, Aug 5th and as Dorothy said to her friends, "there's no place like home" or in our case, The Half Moon,.... but don't worry 'Auntie Em', it's not a Twister it's only one of Mick's fly buttons again.... and no that isn't ToTo".

We're thrilled to be back at The 100 Club on Friday 18th, these shows are always a bit special. Coincidentally you may have noticed that there's a tribute Rollin'Stoned playing in Twickenham on that Sunday, they're very good we hear and here's the novel twist, they play us as if in the future, as old men (well no, I don't know how you would tell the difference in Bill's case).