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Newsletter New Year 2007

Newlsetter No 21
Posted on: January 14th, 2007


So now the final page of the 2007 Calendar has blown away and we herald the new.... if only life was that simple for The Rollin Stoned, such a confusing time of year this for the band. While a hung over world was waking to a brand spanking New Year, you might spare a thought for their plight last Monday morning, the cockerel crowed, the Teasmade boiled and on came the radio and with it the Omo bright and breezy tones of the breakfast time DJ, ....”Hi! it’s a fantabulously happytastic new year and this is Tony Blackburn welcoming you to 1967”....., yep it’s just the start of another Groundhog Year for the Rollin Stoned....

December was pretty non-stop for the band so they’re enjoying a short recuperative break from gigs. Turnout for all our Christmas shows was terrific, as has been the case throughout the year and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support we really do appreciate it.

There is something new we can offer, some minor alterations have been made to the format of the web-site, the main difference being that there is now an entry page stage - sorry this does mean one more click of your mouse, but it does free up our home page for the news and updates that we were finding sometimes got overlooked. All the old features and navigation are retained and function as before. You will also notice on the home page we have added a myspace link, this will take you to the band’s myspace page at www.myspace.com/therollinstoned.

Also on the subject of the web, you may find The Stones European fan site (It’s only rock n roll at http://www.iorr.org) of use, the IORR talk section is a forum where you can network gig information and views, start endless debates etc and generally put the world of rock to rights. You can check out an example of one 'Talk Thread' instigated by a fan over the Christmas period at the following:
All this cyber talk will no doubt mean something to some of you, and the rest? well don’t worry you’ve, you’ve still got a life.

Towards the end of the month, we’ll be hitching our mule to the wagon and heading out west, it is a shame we don’t get out there much, so we hope this will satisfy some of those who have sent in messages requesting our presence.That's it for the time being, and the time being then, I need to check out yellow pages to see if there’s a recovery service that can tow us out of this time warp we’re stuck in.

Happy New Year to you all (Oh! I think this is where I came in)
The Rollin'Stoned