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Newsletter No 1
Welcome to 2005
Hi and an extremely belated welcome to the new Year. We're really sorry you are receiving this "news" mail so late, We have recently had to take over administration of our web site have encountered a few gremlins - well O.K., the truth is somebody forgot to set the alarm for 2005 and the band overslept, but please bear with us.

    Anyway the Rollin'Stoned do hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. I'm afraid it was the usual miserable Stoned familly get together for us, Mick not talking to Keith who, having forgotten to order a turkey, had suggested we make do with one of Mick's solo albums. Then Byron decided to invite his new friends the Ghost of Christmasses over - my God were they boring, going on and on about how much better things were/will be in their days as they finished off all the Sherry. Then he got very upset when he discovered somebody had been at his vintage magic mushrooms, it wasn't much helped by Mick W and Nicky, looking very much out of it, swearing they saw some flying Reindeers who must been at them - they could tell from their big red noses.
    As for the others, well Charlie did his usual sitting around moping and waiting for Big Ben, "365 days hanging around for just two of minutes singing Auld Lang Syne" his customary moan. Still at least Bill got into the spirit of it all, he treated himself to some seasonal Hum Bug flavoured gum and spent the whole day watching The Great Escape on video.

Hope we see you all soon in the new year.