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Newsletters Spring 2006

Newlsetter No 11
Posted on: February 25th, 2006

Free Beach Gig in Morecombe, not very Wise

Sorry that this is more of an 'Olds' than News letter, to be honest, we've only just managed to get back on dry land from our last gig – courtesy of Morecambe Bay air sea rescue. I know... we were warned... choosing the 'Copocabana' of the north to stage our attempt at the worlds biggest free concert at this time of year was somewhat ill-advised. As for the record, it appears The Guinness Book of Records do not have a classification where the audience comprises a smattering of itinerant foraging migrant Winkle pickers, never mind the assorted marine invertebrates in their care, the price of admission was neither here nor there. However on the bright side, we were told there was a bumper catch that night, so although, as the Stones will no doubt discover when they arrive in Beijing, decadent music of western imperialist running dog lackeys may seem strange to Chinese ears, it can certainly warm the hearts of their cockles.

Beach parties apart, we have three dates in London, all are at venues new to us which we hope, if successful will become regular haunts. Also worth noting, on Sunday 26th at York House, Teddington, there will be a night of honour held in memory of drummer Carlo Little who played early on with the Stones (and on one memorable occasion even little ol' us us).
For more information you can contact Gina or Warren Waye
email: aspects@blueyonder.co.uk

Newlsetter No 12
Posted on: March 22nd, 2006

Hoochie Coochie Who?

Hi, Cold or what......... it's not easy typing in mittens. I tried asking one of the brass monkeys chilling outside my window to do this months news letter but it turns out he couldn't possibly take it on till after the summer as he was in the middle of ghosting the works of Shakespear with a whole bunch of his mates (well actually he referred to them as "Mee Simian Posse", but then he was a bit of an urban ghetto BM)...

So I guess it's all down to muggins here again. Our launch night at Filthy McNastys Too was a storm and judging by the acts they are lining up for this venue, we hope it can establish itself as a must visit live music landmark in London'. It's a shame that the promised appearance of Tom (Stones Mr Fixit) Keylock failed to materialise on the night - I guess he's spent too long listening to builders excuses - "Sorry couldn't make Friday as promised lads, gotta another three gigs on the go in Acacia Avenue but don't worry, I'll definitely be with you next Thursday"........ Well no matter, we were very fortunate that a rather more than adequate stand in for the night was on hand, none other than... well everybody knows his name - a man whose mother, had she paid any heed to the prognostications of the old Gypsy woman before he was born, rather than the results of the pre-natal scan provided by the local health authority, may well have found her self requiring a ballistics expert to determine his paternity - yes it was London's very own Hoochie Coochie Man, the one and only Art Wood, the Big Brother who taught young Ronnie to suck eggs (a mean trick Art, but then what are kid brothers for) and, as if having been prevailed upon as emergency compare was not enough, Art stayed on for an impromptu surprise guest airing of his signature tune with the band later in the set, Thank you Art, these are the moments that make our Rollin Stoned fantasy for real.

We were also really sorry to have had to disappoint those of you looking forward to the gig in Nantwich, I'm afraid it was beyond our control - or those organising it who had gone to a lot of trouble to set it up. They are hoping to re-schedule in late July so we will keep you posted. Coming up next, well April is pretty crammed, but before that we have another couple of London Venues new to the band. This Friday we're at Tythe Farm SC which has been lined up to replace the now defunct Rayners Hotel, we hear this is a really decent sized hall, so do your best to fill it troops. Jack Beards in Tooting is another first for us which comes well recommended.

Then of course it's April in Putney and 'All Swinging together' with something or other between your knees as we perform our traditional Boat Race double header at The Half Moon.

OK gotta dash, the plumber hasn't connected the Surrey Bend to the Harrods Depository and I'm expecting a couple of Coxed eights through here any minute..... has any body got Tom Keylock's no?.....