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Newsletter No2

February 2005
Sorry for the appologies

    Hi and to start again on an apologetic note - it's all the rage you know, you're nobody if you can't call a press conference, adopt insincere grovel stance and ask to be forgiven for the "Reformation" or the fluff that gets in people's navels - so, apart from West Life and for sardine tin keys that snap when you try open the tin, we would like to apologise to those of you who came expecting to see us at Shannons on 29th Jan. I'm afraid it was really was quite beyond our control. A bit of a f****up with the venue who had been contracted to supply PA etc, but had not done so - a fact we only discovered on arrival. We hope there were not too many of you disappointed on the night.
    While we're down on our bendeds, we also understand that a few regulars at the Half Moon felt they were given an unnecessarily aggressive hard hussle by the staff after the gig at clear out time. Both the band and the venue do regret it if that was the case. It certainly is not at all typical of the Half Moon, we've had so many great nights there, it is almost a second home and we've always found such a warm and friendly vibe about the place. They are however, operating under increasingly difficult constrictions and a lot of local pressure to close it as a live venue. The staff have to be ever mindful of repercussions should a neighbour take exception to any disruption, particularly at that time of night and their urgency may on occasion come accross as over-reaction to those on the receiving end. While we would always like to be able to socialise at leisure after a gig and wouldn't want to see you down on your blocks come the last chorus of the night, we hope you can appreciate their position.
    Apart from that, it was another gas gas gas, although, as usual, fevered debates on what to include, - leave out, - never enough time (see sorry above), do you get bored with the same set etc. Please do e-mail us if you have any suggestions or preferences on sets, we would welcome it.
    Well enough of apologies, other than one for the appallingly shoddy quality of thread they use to sew on Mick's trouser buttons these days, oh and Byron is sorry for being late, we hope to see you at the next gig or soon.

We love you,
The Rollin'Stoned

jeez, pass the sick bag. Ed