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Newsletter Spring 2007

Newlsetter No 22
Posted on: February 29th, 2007


The Rollin Stoned have had a relatively relaxing first couple of months to the year, but things are about to kick off as March makes it's entry - is it as a Lion or Lamb? I can never remember...... well probably neither as it happens, global warming will have seen to that, but what do you expect from poetic fallacies, especially pathetic ones.

Well I guess you couldn't give a Flying V if March chose to come in like Willy The Wombat, so long as we get off our butts and start earning our corn. So to that end, we are back at My Kyps' exceedingly good establishment in Poole next Friday the 9th - always a pleasure - followed the next day by a trip to Bognor and the Roxzone - it occurs to me that, being a Regis, shouldn't it really be the Rexzone?, but then, as the Rex in question's most famous parting opinion of the resort was hardly a back slapping testimonial - unless I suppose as a result of the implied prohibited sexual act - so he may well still be out of favour with its good Burgers - anyway no matter, it’s a new venue for us, so an adventure.

In fact, our adventures will takes us to much new territory over the course of the month, from here to Tipperary - which is a long way, I am reliably informed.
We hope to see you there, (although I supose it will be here, once we get there)

Best wishes
The Rollin Stoned