Man The Van

A tribute to Dennis Weymouth

Many of our regulars will be as sorry as us to hear that at around 6.00pm on Friday 23rd October 2009, we lost Dennis, a very special and dear member of The Rollin’ Stoned family.

Dennis had been diagnosed with lung cancer some time ago and put up an amazingly long and brave fight against his illness, continuing his work with the band as long as he was physically and safely able to. Throughout the course of his illness, Dennis retained his unique sense of humour and patience with us, never uttering a murmur of self-pity or complaint – a truly admirable performance.

For most of the band’s life, Dennis had driven The Rollin’ Stoned safely across many parts of Europe, including Norway, Belgium, France and Germany as well as endless trips up and down the all too familiar motorways of Great Britain!

The Rollin’ Stoned first met Dennis in the early days of the band’s life, when he and his close friend Terry, lovingly promoted a special event in their home area of North London. They treated the band to special food packages and lovingly decorated the hall and the drive leading to it, with as much Rolling Stones memorabilia as they could gather. It was an impressive welcome for us, and guests alike and successful night was had by all. While Terry's other commitments meant her involvement with the band was brief, Dennis has stayed with us ever since.

Our warmest wishes go out to Dennis’ family, friends and his precious cats who, thankfully, have all now found loving homes.

We will all miss Dennis, with his unfailing loyalty and unique sense of humour greatly.

~ Charlie ~