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Christmas Newsletter 2006

Newlsetter No 20
Posted on: December 20th, 2006


If you are a one for tradition, you'll no doubt have been out and about, getting completely off your faces, cavorting around making total prats of yourselves dressed in silly costumes, rending the silent nights with drunken Carol singing, squabbling and endlessly rowing with your nearest though not so dearest, leering at the more shapely contents of stockings, I don't know, it seems to me, at this time of year the whole world and his dog are out to steal our act........ take my advice leave it to the professionals.

Anyway, may we take this opportunity to wish you a Happy ------------ (Please enter whatever appropriate faith or Deity your pinning your hopes on). There are not many Bopping days left and, as I write, I understand the remainder of our pre-Christmas shows may be sold out. However if you can't get in to any of those, hopefully you will be able make one of the dates leading up to the New year...... Christmas break... Hah!! It's alright for you lot, some of us have a job to do.

Don't forget, concessionary tickets for our New Year Party bash in New Cross can still be bought via the direct link that can be found on the web site front page.
I'd better go now, I think I may have an illegal mythic migrant problem ....... "Now look Mr Ho!Ho! Ho! or whoever you are, I don't care how far you've come, just get that !*!@**ng sleigh off my roof and take those freaky looking four legged hat stands with you"

Happy Christmas
The Rollin'Stoned