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Christmas Newsletters

Newletter No 7
Posted On: December 1st, 2005
Unto us a child was born

Well it's coming up to that time of year.... a time of year we all celebrate the birth of a boy child long ago in a humble abode in the east..... a child whose destiny was to rock the world..... Yep you've guessed it, December 18th is KeithMass Day, the date upon which the Prince (of Dartford) Keith Richards, was born. As is traditional, to mark this event, our own Lord of the Riffs, Keith Retched will be dusting off his version of 'Run Rudolph Run' and merrily wassailing to audiences around and about, at least until they've rewarded him with a mince pie, or maybe set the dogs on him.

As you will see, our travels in December take us on a brief trip to the west country and then it's back to the 'Smoke', first for 'Chas'n'Dave's Christmas Beano' at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the 15th and followed by our own traditional two night festive bash at the Half Moon, which is always special.

Then, after you've all had a day to find room in your respective novelty socks and knickers draws for this years additions, even maybe be back on speaking terms with the mother in law, you can catch us again at our post Christmas blues shows, first at The Boom Club in Sutton or, three days later, up north at The Limelight in Crewe.

Newletter No 8
Poste On: December 19th, 2005
End of The Year Shows

Well that's it I'm afraid, no more giggings days until Christmas, but there's still time left this year to catch the band at The Boom Club in Sutton on the 27th and at The Limelight in Crewe on the 30th, but first a Christmas message..

May we suggest one of your New Year Resolutions is to get out more, in which case we hope to see you at one or other of the new venues we are playing in January - not to mention the old and familiar ones. Speaking of which, we are really pleased to be back at the 100 Club on the 13th - this will allow, I imagine, the two weeks required to clean up after Chas 'n' Dave's Alternative New Years Eve's bash there (actually smash is rather more apposite - think of a cross between Bob's Country Bunker in the Blues Bros and Saving Private Ryan and you'll get a fair impression of their audiences in action (makes you lot look positively genteel). On the Saturday, we are back at Bottley Hill Farm after a somewhat prolonged interval, I believe there are still some tickets for this gig, but they are going fast.

Towards the end of the month, on Friday 27th, you will see that we appear at the Komedia Club in Brighton. A lot of you have been in touch in the past about this venue, asking why we didn't play it, so we are pleased to have landed the date for you. We're really looking forward to it and hoping that the south coasties among you can help us with a bumper turnout so that it becomes a regular haunt for the Band.

The following day sees us at another new venue, the enticingly named "Dugout Club" in Farnborough. Despite the name - and no Bill you won't be enjoying a reunion chin-wag with your old national service buddies - it is a venue run by the same promoter who does the extremely successful Boom Boom Club, which is good enough for me. We hope that one or other of these venues is within in your reach and that we can wish you all seasonal greetings in person.

In the meantime please do remember to explain to your children that a pet isn't just for Christmas day, they will have to make it last until the butchers are open again.

Have a Happy Christmas
With Best wishes from The Rollin'Stoned.