Newsletters Summer 2006

Newlsetter No 16
Posted on: August 16th, 2006


We made it back to base, more or less in tact after entertaining the troops at Tinwood Arena, which I guess is more than poor old Glen Miller managed. Just goes to show, you'd have to back an old converted Leyland post office van against an RAF Norseman any day, mind we nearly caught a packet from a hostile Merc 109 when approaching the coast of Luton.

First, I feel a big thanks is due to The Rhythm Festival promoter, Jim Driver, for staging such a fantastic event. You only have to glance at the notice board on the Festival web site to see what a huge success it proved for all who attended. In fact so much so that next years event is already in the planning and even tickets sold.
(the web-link is Rhythm Festival 2007)

The only frustrating aspect from the band's point of view was having so many great acts


on tap and not being able to catch them on account of having a show to do. Of course we had ringside seats to see the one and only John - doing it Ottway - one guitar (more or less), two necks and one crazy guy, he is a not an easy act to follow.

We'll be down the 100 Club this Friday, Aug 18th, the Stones will be in town of course (so lock up your Palm Trees) Earlier in the day we'll be doing a spot on one of the digital radio channels. We'll let you know if we get any more details before transmission.

The week after, we Return to good old Kyps in Poole for the band's customary mid-summer visit - terrific crowd, great venue. The following day, Saturday Aug 26th we hop along the coast to Deal in Kent to try our luck at The Astor Theatre, a venue described by Carl Palmer as "fantastic" and "having a great sound". The theatre's patron is Sir Norman Wisdom, famous for his portrayal of ridiculous looking pratts falling about...... can't think why they chose to book us.

September 1st sees us at the Talk of The Town, Milton Keynes (glad to see we're getting the classier venues - pretentious Moi). The 8th has now finally been settled on for our second trip of the year to Bottley Hill Farm, sorry if any confusion has arisen as a result of our prevarication in deciding which of the alternative dates to go for. We really enjoyed the January show and I know there were a few late bookers who were unable to get tickets, it sold out quite early, I hope you have better luck this time.

Well, I better sign off now or I'll miss the e-postman, I can hear him at the gate and our pet Komodo, Gigabyte is off the leash.
(Oh! an IT joke, how ironically Geeky. ED)

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