Bill takes the charisma
by-pass around Dartford
according to our latest
reveiwer Sarah

Reproduced courtesy of Sara Mills


Picture left - Byron enters stage-up


Acacia Hall, Dartford, - 18th November 2005

"Well all-right, it's lovely to be back in Dartford" crooned Mick Jaguar of Rolling Stones tribute band 'The Rollin Stoned' as they opened their set at the Acacia hall in Dartford on the 18th November. Prancing, gurning and jumping through a set of classic Stones numbers, the group filled the dancefloor at the £12 event.

The psychedelic 60s had been revived and sent a wave of peace and love flowing through the air. Perfect to the detail (including Keith Wretched's bottle of whiskey) and resurrecting Brian Jones mid-way through the set, These guys are nearest you'll get to Sir Mick and Co, For anything like the price of a take away meal. From Keef's gunslinging guitar posing, Mick Jaguar's camp handclapping and Bill Wymandy's total lack of presence and charisma (just like the real thing then..) the band are the real deal. Described in the Times as "The nearest thing to the real article", and by Keith Richards daughter as "eerily like watching my dad", There can be no more glowing praise. This band effortesly pull it off.

The set was full of Stones hits such as "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and "Honky Tonk Women", along with lesser-known album material to satisfy the fans who remember the Stones from the first time round. Whatever the era and whatever the song, the music along with the costumes and hair were period perfect. Straddling the fine line between parody and immitation expertly, the boys in the band provide the full Stones experience. If you want to catch them again, they play next on Thursday 15th December at Londons Shepherd Bush Empire


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