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    The cats are out of the bag! it has just been announced that The Rollin Stoned have agreed to step in at the last minute to put on a special 'Never Mind The Grrreedy B!!**!rds' show on November 25th at London's famous Borderline   This will relieve the many Stone’s fans who are objecting to being rolled over for O'2 steep tickets to see the Stone’s Arena show on the same night.
    Making his announcement, Promoter, Big Jim Driver said in a statement “it has all been pretty frantic to arrange, but we thought, hey why not,and I mean it's a Sunday, and it's not as if there is likely to be any other shows on that night...."
    With ticket prices at a very affordable £16.50, fans of ‘The Greatest/Grrrreediest Rock’n’Roll Band in the World’, who would have been left out in the cold to experience Brrrr rather than Grrrr. now have a grrrreat alternative "You won't need to mortgage your winter fuel payment to get in" says Jim, "but you will need to be fast on your feet, tickets are selling like... well Stone's tickets"
Doors 7pm - Band on stage 8PM

Tkts:£16.50 adv, £18.00 on door (if available)

Rollin Stoned appearing at London's Bordeline
Orange Yd, off Manette St London, W1D 4JB

BOLTBolt from the blues FROM
By our Rollympic correspondent
With speculation at fever pitch as to where now for Usain Bolt after his historic Olympic triumphs, the London 2012 rumour mills are now at full production. Will it be Alex Ferguson and the lure of Manchester United and all those Cheshire Wags, or USA and it’s grid iron cheer leaders, maybe coaching the Sweedish Beach Volleyball team. Or, and you heard it here first, could the next starting line up for the fastest man in history be with the ‘Greatest Rock’n’Rroll Band in the world’. It all adds up, Sir Mick Jaguar has let it be known that he thinks team 'RS' are in desperate need of fresh legs, and Bolt has surely revealed his musical aspirations having describing himself now as the ‘Legend’, clearly a reference to the Bob Marley classic album. Asked for comment, a somewhat bemused Mick Waylor, who’s place in the team might be threatened were it to come to such a head top head, remarked “He can run,..... but he can’t slide”.

So Long Lester William Polsfuss...... and thanks for all the guitars

"IT'S THE STONED WOT WON IT" Claims a jubilant and typically modest Sir Mick

Brewery agrees Half a Moon's better than none
Even as the Rollin Stoned were taking to the stage at the Halfmoon last Thursday for what had been feared and billed "Maybe the Last Time?" the good news was breaking to a mightily relieved audience and staff alike. It wasn't "All Over Now" and they were now present, not at a wake, but celebration.
We are so pleased to be able to run this story, The Rollin Stoned do after all feature an 'Afterlife of Brian', so rather specialize in resurrections. However, not withstanding Sir Mick Jaguar's typically overstated boast, credit must be given in large part to others. So our congratulations and thanks to all those who took up the gauntlet and campaigned so tirelessly to save this as a live music venue. In particular we are indebted to Carrie Davies, who as booking manager back in the early days of the band's life, introduced it to the venue and helped establish ‘The Stoned’ as fixture and fitting. As much as anything, her return galvanised this campaign and now, in her new role as a partner in the venture, heralds what we hope will be a very bright and exiting future.
And for all you disgruntled gastro pub fans, they will be introducing food, so every body wins..... just so long as they don't mix up the Set list and Menus,....."And what would madam like for Start me Ups"..... "And how would sir like his "Rock and Roll"

(Posted - 10th, january 2010)
Full press release


The Rollin Stoned lost a good friend and invaluable support in Dennis Weymouth when he lost his battle with illness.
See a tribute to Dennis by Charlie


Splitting Hairs

   As Londoner's consider life beyond our Ken, we have learned of an intriguing scenario that is being mooted on the Capital's streets. It has been suggested that a similarity exists between London Mayor Boris Johnson and Rollin Stoned's guitarist Byron Jones and the fact that at no time have they ever been seen together in the same place is more than mere coincidence.
    To the febrile minded who are our bastions against the great conspiracies that threaten our daily lives, the evidence clearly stacks up to a hill of beans, but are they just fermenting hot air?
    Of course the two share common initials and as anyone who reads detective fiction well knows, people who adopt an alias invariably use their owns initials (not to mention that Boris Johnson is an anagram of 'Rob Johnson Is', possibly an allusion to being the reincarnation of the great blues legend. Ed) (Thanks for that Ed).
    Then there's the distinctive matching golden 'barnets', even if Boris does look like he's wearing Byron's hair inside out. Add to that you have the birds and the booze, a tendency to get in over their heads, not being very popular in Liverpool and of course both heavily influenced by the Blues. It is true that Byron has a well earned reputation as a dapper dandy whereas Boris would not look out of place in the pages of the Dandy, but then if you were having to dash in and out of telephone kiosks in order to perform quick change costumes at the drop of a crisis on the streets of London, you might look a tad less than well shevelled.
(Posted - 27-05-08)

Well all Wright Mathew ....
.... and thank you kindly
Radio 2 presenter's tribute act

   As listeners to BBC Radio 2 on Friday, Jan 4th, would know, the singeing sensation Byron Jones may have been experiencing in his ears would not, for once, be the fault of the thermostat on his wig permer. Rather, he had become a hot topic of conversation on that evenings edition of Mathew Wright's ''Weekender" programme .
   During the broadcast Mathew recounted having been at a party held in honour of Seth Lakeman's father in 2007 and had seen a band called The Rollin Stoned (shucks does he mean Us? Ed) he went to say how much he enjoyed the show, in particular, the celestial re-incarnation of Brian Jones, it was, he said "..the highlight of my life" (This remark did lead Bill Wymandy to ponder "what must his lowlights have been like" but the that's Bill for you, a carbuncle on the face of misery).
   This generous endorsement could easily have escaped our attention entirely - obviously living in the 60's, we can only tune in to the Light Programme and on occasion, if the atmospherics are right, Radio Luxembourg, - were it not for a tip off from a friend of the band, Tim Ewbank , to whom we are much indebted. His journalists antennae for relevant material has no doubt been well developed in compiling facts for his many excellent celebrity biographies.
   As we kick off a New Year and the dishing out season for honours and gongs, it seems somehow appropriate for the band to receive this modest token of recognition and it will serve us fine until Her Majesty decide to pull her finger out on our behalf. (Posted - 17-01-08)

With apologies to the late Douglas Adams, the next update to the “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to The Galaxy” should surely come with the following revision to it’s entry for the third planet from the Sun. “Earth, mostly harmful, but at least gave the universe the ‘Les Paul’ thanks to an earthman of the same name deciding to nail some guitar strings on to an old log and plug it into the mains, so inventing Rock’n’Roll”
This allowed an awful lot of, otherwise useless, long haired young life-forms to create very loud noises and so attract vast crowds and accumulate a lot of money - not to mention a lot of sleep over requests from attractive young girls life-forms, apparently irrespective of how unattractive they themselves might seem. This makes Les Paul the most influential Earthman of the 20th century and cooler than an Ice Popsicle from one of the moons of Pluto.
In tribute to Les Paul – Musician, songwriter, inventor. June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009
(Posted - 16th, August 2009)

Alas No Smith.....
Only Alias Stones & Jones

Griff Rhys Jones meeting three men who
you really would not want in a boa

   Members of The Rollin Stoned (pictured above) hitting the bar with a suitably bemused Griff Rhys Jones at the Drill Hall in London's West End prior to filming of "The Big Question" a pilot for a new Channel 5 panel show   
    Intended as a cross between The Oxford debating society and a pub brawl, the show aims to finally establish answers to some of life's eternal verities, ones that have been eluding the greatest minds from Socrates and Descartes to Jade Goody.
    A celebrity panel of Journalists and Comedians including columnist Rod Liddle were invited to opine on assorted topics including discussions on the relative merits of Cats against Dogs, Curry versus Chinese and Quilts over Duvets.
    The Rollin Stoned, had been invited to attend as guest members of the audience to act as expert advocates on the vexed issue as to who was the greatest out of the Beatles and The Stones.
   If you don't wish to know the result then look away now... but for those who do and don't have the patience to see if the series gets commissioned, well, let's just say if you like chasing sticks, prefer your Winalot in Chicken Vindaloo flavour and can't get no Satisfaction without wagging your tail, then , with out giving too much away, you'd probably get the panel's vote.
(Posted - 17-01-08)

Rollin Stoned
come up With a
Dep for Cap'n Jack for Charity Premier at Worlds End

   A charity premier screening of the latest in "Pirates of the Caribean" series was in need of a pirate copy celeb to make the red carpet entrance, or plank in this case

   So who better to answer their cry for help and climb on board than the The Rollin Stoned's very own timber shivering, ringed eared, rum snorting powder monkey, Keith Retched. Pictured here in danger of loosing his head to some rather shapely shipmates. (Posted - 17-01-08)


Retched's Medical Bulletin latest,"He's not out of the woods yet but is definitely out of his tree"...... Chief surgeon confirms as 'Gibbon's Decline Fall' once again threatens to disrupt a Rollin'Stoned tour after the 'Gibbon' in question, aka Keith Retched, came to grief while succeeding in demonstrating to a sceptical fellow band member that climbing a Coconut palm was as easy as falling off a log. (Posted - 12-06-06)


The odd mangled gear change apart, faultless was the verdict of Times rock reviewer David Sinclair "......... the period detail of the musical equipment; the overall sound, particularly of the older numbers, was probably more “authentic” than the Stones themselves would be inclined to muster at this stage" -
To read the full review go to
REVIEWS  Times review  (Posted - 09-01-07)


NEVER MIND THE BALLCOCKS... Keith's Retched Apology

Mr Keith Retched of the Rollin'Stoned, today issued a public apology to Sir Mick Jaguar for having alleged that Sir Mick had a "Little Red Rooster", when asked whether he could enlarge on the topic, his only comment was "never mind the b!!!!cks" (Posted - 07-04-06)


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