The Rollin Stoned
by Half Moon Light
Half Moon, Putney, 9th May, 2008
Photos By Jason Pierce-Williams (All image rights ©Jason Williams)

When Photographer, Jason Pierce-Williams approached The Rollin Stoned to ask for our co-operation in a personal project on the subject of Tribute Bands we were naturally flattered, but ..... well with such shy modest retiring individuals as Mick and Byron.... hard to imagine what business they had showing off in front of a camera lens. Well judge for yourselves, we are pleased to showcase some of Jason's shots, by kind permission, from a recent show on a hot steamy May night at Putney's famous Half Moon.

He has certainly captured the mood of the occasion, the quality of his work is remarkable, particularly considering he only had the light of The Half Moon to see by.

To see more from the show and his other work visit this link Picasa Web

"Duelling Bozos ?"

"The doctor said I need a bottle in front of me"
"No Keith, he said you needed a frontal lobottomy"


Below, Mick finds out how Many Honky Tonk Women it takes to turn on a Knight

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